Toto Blaauw is an artist and designer based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Born in 1991 to a Indonesian mother and a Dutch father, Toto has been prolific with his drawings growing up as a kid. Much later in art school he developed this gift and the skills
to express his truths to a broader audience.

Currently he concentrates on painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture and design.
With his own imagery he portrays cosmic truth and thoughts on contemporary society, history and future. 

In his work you find references from many cultures, music and his spiritual beliefs.
His work comes from a place where love, responsibility and cultural background play an important role.  Above all, his work is created to radiate tranquillity and give the viewer a moment of calmness. Humor is used to give balance to the harsh realities of this world.
The vibrant colors convey emotion. Duality can be found in all his characters, symbols and his use of language. Each element affects the other in the creation of the whole.